This is one that we don’t wanna miss

Current Music: Randy Houser – Runnin’ Out of Moonlight

Well I am happy to report my leg is already feeling a lot better. It makes me giddy just typing that out!    All day at work the only thing I had on my mind was taking a bubble bath, so once I got home last night (and after receiving some bad news), I hopped into an Epsom salt filled tub for an hour with my music and no lights on and relaxed. I got out of the bath and did a little bit more stretching and miraculously my leg felt amazing. I could take a step without cringing! This is amazing news considering my race is only 3 days away!  See what happens when I stop being so negative?  I’m going to take it easy the next couple of days and no more running or strength training until Sunday. I’ll get to the gym and do a couple elliptical sessions, but that’s it! Gah, so nervous!

I mentioned I got a bit of bad news last night, so I’m going to get a little dramatic for a minute.    D got home from work last night after being away for two weeks which is amazing, but he found out he has to leave again on Saturday for an even longer period of time. He won’t be waiting for me at the finish line on Sunday. I know that is definitely far from being the end of the world, but I am really upset about it. I don’t have much support out here to begin with, so I was really hoping he’d be there to cheer me on. Oh well, there is nothing we can do about it and anyways, this race isn’t about him, it is about finding the strength inside of ME to get across that finish line. I know he feels terrible about it so I’m trying not to sulk too much. I have a couple friends stopping by, one of them is running the 5K race so I won’t be totally alone at the end.

I better get back to work. I have to leave early today so there’s a few more things I need to check off of my to-do list before I head out. Happy Thursday!!


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