About Me

Hi there, thanks for stopping by my website!  

I guess if you stopped by this page, you’re interested in getting to know a little bit more about me.

I’m a 25-year-old Canadian girl living in the (sometimes) beautiful city of Edmonton, AB.  I am originally from a small town in Ontario, but moved to Edmonton 4ish years ago (time flies!) with my boyfriend of six years.    I miss my hometown (mainly the people there!) tremendously, but for now Edmonton is my home, and I will love it here as long as I am a car ride away from the Rocky Mountains, and if the boyfriend is around, of course.

I am employed full-time and while I enjoy my job, it definitely isn’t my dream, but until I figure out what that dream is, I will be somewhat content with where I am at.

I don’t have much of a social life here since I have a hard time meeting new people and my jobs here haven’t really opened up many opportunities to meet people my age and with my interest, so I guess that is where running has came in.  I always thought running was so hard growing up, so I didn’t invest much time doing it when I was younger.  I could never be a runner, I thought!  Since then I have developed an on again, off again love for it, and right now I am in a huge LOVE IT phase.  A few months ago I signed up for my very first half marathon, and it’s coming up on June 9th!  To say I am a little scared is an understatement.

I guess I decided to start this blog because I have always loved having a place to write down my thoughts, and since I haven’t had a blog in so long, I decided now is the time.  I’m not yet sure where I want to take this blog, if this will solely be a place for me to come to jot down my thoughts on my last run or if this will go a little deeper than that, but we’ll see.  For now, I’ll sit back and see where I take this. 


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