I can’t tell where the journey will end, but I know where it starts

Current Music: Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc – Wake Me Up

A fresh, new blog…My least favourite thing!  I have anxiety over starting a new journal or blog simply because of this first page.  I’m never quite sure how to make it perfect.  Yes, feel free to call me crazy.  

Allow me to introduce myself-my name is Ashley and I am..not sure where to begin (still).  I wrote a short bio in my about me section, so I guess you could get the quick lowdown there… Now, I will give some quick facts about me so you get the gist of who is behind this blog:

  1.  I live with my boyfriend Derek and our cat, Trixie.  D and I have been together for six years now!  I never imagined being in love with someone for so long, but I think I found myself a keeper.   We’ve  survived a cross country move and a lot of time apart due to his job, but we make things work and he puts up with all my crazy (and trust me, there is a lot of it).
  2. All my family is living back in Ontario.  My parents just plain rock and are so supportive.  I talk to my mom nearly every night (unless they are off on some wonderful vacation, as they both just retired less than a year ago..Jealous!!).  They gave me two of my best friends, my older sister and younger brother.
  3. I love music.  I don’t have a favourite genre, I can appreciate it all.  I love music that gets me motivated to get my butt moving though!  With that said, Britney Spears is my girl, but please don’t judge me for that!! 
  4. I have struggled with my weight for years now.  I love my (bad) food, what can I say?  I lost all the weight a few years ago, but since then it has crept up again!  That my folks is what happens when you stop exercising completely and eat everything in sight..
  5. That is why running came back into my life… But I have been training for my half marathon since December and I haven’t really changed my eating patterns all that much, so I haven’t lost much weight.  I just want to finish this half marathon, I’m not really worried about losing the weight.  Food comes first (kidding, sort of)…
  6. Our cat, Trixie, is the first pet I have ever owned, and we got her when her previous owners abandoned her.  We’ve owned her for a little over a year and she is a sassy, independent suck and I can’t imagine life without her now.   She loves being in the car and spending time outdoors.  She hates nearly anyone else that enters our apartment, but has so much love for D and I.  She’s spoiled.
  7. My favourite food is probably pizza.  We order it far too often, and if we aren’t ordering it I am making it homemade.
  8. And ice cream.  If it was socially acceptable to eat ice cream for dinner (and breakfast and lunch and midnight snack) then that is what I would do.
  9. The above two facts most definitely explain my weight issues I spoke of above.  
  10. I was addicted to Diet Coke.  I’ve only had one can in at least two months.  I still don’t drink nearly enough water, but the first step is admitting you have a problem, and then baby steps from there.  Right?
  11. My original goal when I signed up for the marathon in June was to finish it in 2:30, but since I have trained on the course a couple of times and realized how hilly it is going to be, at this point I just want to be able to cross that finish line.
  12. I miss my girlfriends from back home terribly.  I have had the same group of best friends since kindergarten, and I miss them in my life so much.  
  13. I love travelling.  Small trips, big trips, don’t matter, sign me up!!  I get stir crazy if I am at home for too long.  To me, the biggest perk about living in Alberta is being in such close proximity to the Rocky Mountains.  I live in Edmonton right now but I have always said that if I don’t live in the mountains before I move back to Ontario that would be my biggest regret.
  14. My birthday is November 28th.
  15. I love taking pictures, but hate being in them.  Eventually I will get some photos posted to this blog…

Okay, that’s all I’ve got.  That’s as interesting as I can make myself sound.  Fail!

Anyways, that’s it for now.

Big hugs! 

(Yep, I’m suuuper cheesy, clearly).