You have to try this & the last LR before my race

Current Music: Glee – Red Solo Cup

Hi there!  

I hope your Sunday has been awesome so far!

Mine has been pretty low key, but I have no complaints there.  D has been away for work the last few days, and he probably won’t be back for another week and a half, so it’s been pretty quiet around these parts.  I stayed home last night and watched Silver Linings Playbook and a couple of episodes of Glee.  I only recently got into Glee when I saw it was on Netflix, but I am addicted now.  Better late than never!  I have gone through the episodes embarrassingly fast, but there’s no shame here.  Also, has anyone tried a Chocolate Peanut Butter Drumstick?  Um.. go out and find one if you haven’t yet, because they are amazing.

Anyways, I only have two weeks to go until my first race/first half marathon, so I decided today was the perfect day to take my final long run.  I like doing my long runs on Saturday’s, but yesterday was a drizzly, windy day outside and so I wimped out of going, so I was mighty thankful that today was the perfect running temperature.  I did just over 8 miles at a 11:42 pace.


Yea, I’m definitely no speed demon.

I felt pretty good during this run.  I went to my regular trail in the river valley, lots of little hills and a couple BIG hills that just killed me.  I used up so much energy the last mile or so because of this one long, steep (to me) hill, it was such a relief to be done.  I hate hills!!     The trail I run will be part of the half marathon course, so once I started running it and realizing just how hilly it was, I changed my goal from finishing in 2:30 to just plain finishing.    This is my first race, I’m allowed to change my goals halfway through, right?  Like I said before, it was a beautiful day out:

20130526_125227 20130526_131759

I fueled my run with citrus and strawberry Clif Shot Blocks.  This is only my second long run that I have fueled with them (I previously used raisins and Swedish Fish, haha), but I do feel like they work.  I think I took three in total, at miles 3, 4.5, and 6 maybe?  I also use this Camelbak on my runs, which I absolutely love.  I used to run holding a water bottle, but I love having my hands free now.  My only complaint is there is no front pockets to store anything, only a small zipped pocket in the back that requires taking the  bag off to grab anything in the pocket.  Not a big problem for me since I take many walking breaks so it doesn’t hold me back much, but if I was on a roll and needed to grab some fuel, it’s pretty inconvenient.

Anyways, it’s time to make something for dinner, and I am missing valuable Glee time, so until next time!